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You may have heard both of these terms and wondered what is the difference,
and what type of photography would  be best for my purposes?

Generally speaking, if you work for someone else, say a corporation or mid-sized small business, you are likely looking for a HEADSHOT. A clean crisp image usually cropped between elbows and the shoulders. Simple background, focused on the face. When you are employed by a company, they have their own branding, so no "personal branding" is necessary. They are looking to produce a united, team image. A great headshot will capture an authentic expression, convey the desired mood, and represent you in the best light possible.


PERSONAL BRANDING is essential for individuals who have their own business, creatives, coaches, bakers, any small business or entrepreneur who is looking to stand out in their respective field. A cohesive collection of excellent visuals which reflect your mood, personality, character, all make for a solid & stronger overall brand. It is the welcome mat to come and do business with you. Well done personal branding will distinguish you from the crowd, connect with your audience and make them feel something. People want to do business with people. They want to see and know who you are.