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 You can have Your own

(think L.A./NYC)
Magagazine-style Photoshoot

in Des Moines ?!

[ps... we travel too!]

Welcome Friend!

I am Val Carr and I am a Portrait Artist.
CONNECTION. Every day I get to live my passion, connecting with YOU, my amazing client! It is my privilege to give you the EXPERIENCE of everything from self (re)discovery, to self love, confidence, transformation and joy! 
CREATION. I want to create YOUR PORTRAIT!! My superpower is to bring out the beauty in you, the strength, the vulnerability...what makes you, YOU, and reflect it back through my lens. 


COUTURE. This Is not your average photography session. It is an exciting moment of  luxury + self care + love, captured in a fun, contemporary, fashion-inspired photoshoot you won't soon forget! Magazine style! CELEBRITY FOR A DAY!
Working with me is as easy as 1. 2. 3. Welcome in! Peruse the site! Follow the numbers!
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Life is about connections

Authentic. Empowering. Humbling. Emotional. Personal.


It is my passion and privilege to personally connect with you, my client.


Everyone has a story.  I want to know yours.


I want to create the most beautiful photograph you have ever seen of yourself.

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